Serjilla, Syria : A Syrian shepherd

Serjilla, Syria : A Syrian shepherd

March 19, 2013 A Syrian shepherd cares for his flock near the ruins of the ancient Roman city, in the northwestern province of Idlib. The conflict in Syria has killed at least 70,000 people, and forced more than 1 million Syrians to seek refuge abroad.

The Shepherd

Where is the shepherd for all the pleading souls lost in a whirlwind?
Where is the shepherd of all bewildered parents when the bombs exploded leaving loved ones in fields on corners
and in the murder capitals of America….
where is the good shepherd who cant find his flock
who cant find his home
his way
his peace of mind
where is the good shepherd who is needed so
across the world and across this land
with millions of Black men in prison
and millions of corporate thieves walking the earth smiling
free and
unaware of the energy that keeps him from falling
off a spinning planet in holy motion
over 1000 miles an hour traveling….
Unaware of the magical life that connects
souls to reason and love to a season of health
The good shepherd tends to his loved ones that made it
his offspring that stayed
his flock that requires
all his measurement and all his giving
the good shepherd stopped crying long ago
and waits in the cut

Aileen Muhammad copyright 2013

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