Ghost in the mosques : Angels

Ghost in the mosques : Angels

A Syrian living in Jordan gestures, with her fingers painted in the colours of the Syrian national flag, during a protest against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad outside the Syrian embassy in Amman fall,2012.

Where Color Fades

I wanted to go to Egypt and
spend some time at the Sphinx

I wanted to go to Tunesia
and sit with the learned in sync

I wanted to go to Libya
and say thank you for helping Elijah

I wanted to go to Syria
and find tribes that connnected to love
and see whirling dervishes coming from
Afgganistan abd see libraries in Iraq and Iran

I wanted to travel to people who
wanted to see me whole
and watched catastrophe happen
and prayed longer and harder than
I would have known

But now I dont know who’s who
The oppressed or the oppresor
the victim with his
eye on the blade

His home in the dust
His focus a time
generations did see
strangled now
quiet now

There’s a turning in Mali
The origin for some new free bewilderment
Catch me now,
Someone is killing all my friends
Said Baldwin,
But now I look on horizon’s blanket
covered with a strange mix
and I dont know who’s who.

Aileen Muhammad, copyright 2013

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