A Million In One : Cowards and Angels

A Million In One : Cowards and Angels

A Million in One

All in an instant the harmony of one million
crickets at seven pm on Thursday in the middle of
a hot summer day, knowing their parts, in a musical
symphony began to chat with me. Listening to the
chiming decree, I knew the missing consonance,
An order for my distant love of Peace, a broken word
A piece of shadowed dark corrupted scales
A rhapsody was needed all at once.
There was I listening to their symphony
without the sounding crater broken forth
when the universe announced itself. That
cracking easing melody might be a song.
But this was a cheering for a decision I made.
That trouble in the heavens came down here
after me. It is a transmission that is not known.
There are ones that dance beside me.
Alive without delusion.

by Aileen Muhammad, copyright 2012

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