Amiri Baraka & Sylvia Robinson : American Protester

Amiri Baraka & Sylvia Robinson : American Protester

Amiri Baraka & Sylvia Robinson, 1967.

Amiri Baraka, formerly known as LeRoi Jones, is an African-American writer of poetry, drama, fiction, essays, and music criticism. Black Arts Movement. Here with his second wife, Black poetess Sylvia Robinson.

Hero’s History

I was trying to rise then
and turned and saw Leroi Jones then
stand with stallions in his breath
walk with honor on his crown
My Hero then I’d race to see and listen to
a Man that wouldnt buckle
A friend that honors no thing that
dropped perverse semblances of value in their
right pocket and
Disregard suffocating in the heart

I watched him
painted him
and now today I smile
We had champions then
and no one gave us their name
No one told us to follow him

It was a banner you saw in the rhythm of his spech
a flag you knew lit by the sun
waiting by the olive tree for
the oil beneath the mind to say
Not yet, I’m still alive.

Aileen Muhammd, copyright 2013

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