Jeff Sonhouse : Harlem Artist

Jeff Sonhouse : Harlem Artist

Jeff Sonhouse’s latest exhibition, “Pawnography,” at the Tilton Gallery in New York explores the role of the black male in today’s shifting socio-political climate. His vivid portraits, rendered as mixed media paintings or drawings, depict a variety of political and anonymous figures, their faces sometimes masked or completely obscured.

Where O Where has the Black Man Gone?

Forced to survive
Made a liar forced to decive
made a pimp forced to belittle
gave him false honor
forced to be a little man it made him
hate his own soul

Forced to wear a culture
on his arm that wasn’t his
Forced to sell his women when the master so did bid

Forced to be a foolish man
the king fogets his way
the queen may follow this one
or she fights her way alone

Perception with a crest jewel of
discriminating measure

What ignorance had sucked him down
what complicated state has
made the evil holy
and made the wise man dumb

Forced to find his way without a friend
and teachers blind
he holds his staff

for he pretended all along.
He rises, charges
plants the seeds of motion
took the plight of a clown
to adjust
to magnify the urgency and
and lead the good men home.

Aileen Muhammd, copyright 2013.

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