Enslaved Children : Angles

Enslaved Children : Angles

Enslaved Children : Angles

The nations mothers and fathers.


Don’t you worry
There’s a jewel in the sky
That will land in your heart

And return you in sporadic wind storm galaxies

To the part
That was missing that day

You were taken away

Don’t you worry

There’s a calm for your struggle
And gold
From the center

A weaving will grow
From that memory

Don’t you worry sweet children
In your heart there’s a blossom

A friend from a mystical undertaking
A magic from the life
Of life
And moments from the crest jewels

Spread those baby wings
And find a secret under each that moves like day and night

Like rough and soft and hate and love
Carrying you along

Don’t you cry sweet children who can’t
Find your way

With the stripping of culture
And value and the stuffing of cocaine within your domain

On the corners at school and in all your friends
Don’t cry sweet children

There’s a bird on the horizon

And magic in its wing

There’s a wind that’s blowing
Stop and hear the day
The drum within the heart

O sweet children who were captured
Working in the prison system
Caught and raped and made to stay

In a world that’s not your own
With no remedy in view

Stop and ask
My little children

In your hand
There’s a universe
Waiting for a grasp

A sign
Waiting for the foot
That takes a step
Red rubies
And an emerald table

With every heart in view
And every healing coupled

With a fortifying requisition

By Aileen Muhammad,copyright 2013.

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