Gordon Parks : American Photographer

Gordon Parks : American Photographer

The retrospective book of his photographs ‘Collective Works by Gordon Parks’, is published by Steidl.

From the Lighter Eye

Some could care less about separation signs

Incongruent with universal mind

Harboring superiority as they rose from world war I and world war II, stealing populations and wiping out continents…..

Savages wiping out hundreds and thousands of people

Some could care less if that water fountain had that sign

Better to live with my dear

Better to avoid any contingent affiliation with

those that look at massacre so cheaply.

No, they said under their poised  evanescent souls, fighting to remain as this line of black and white kept

incarcerating angels. No   keep your saliva and your breath far away.

by Aileen Muhammad, copyright 2013

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One Response to Gordon Parks : American Photographer

  1. Alicia says:

    And now the invisible lines that separate us run deep.

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