“SOKOTRA SERENADE” by Aileen Muhammad

Ancient ruins of Socotra Island

Ancient ruins of Socotra Island


I am Sokotra now,

Resting on the bowels of the shore, watching

In the silence as the goats walk up the mountains

Waving is my brother bringing in the new

Don’t stop me now

Sokotra claimed her evening song

Reclaimed the beauty of her youth

the song that serenades  the lily

There the one not picked that’s in the field

Beside the lotus still unopened by

the Bread created from a word

The song original that sprang into the heart

That thought it knew the cause of beating thought it

knew the end of aching songs

That spring from regions that aren’t spoken of with words

Sokotra in my blood alone protected by position

I knew the silence of this island, those enchanters found

there as the ships were sailing

Filled with cargo going east and west and south and

stealing blue aloe in bundles. Medicine

That grew there in the bushes and the trees

Red blood from the dragon tree and frankincense and myrrh

I am Sokotra now and then

I know Sokotra living in my blood

Her name whispered in my soul and from my grandma’s mouth a calling

“Treasures from Sokotra, child, treasures from Sokotra”

-Aileen Muhammad (an excerpt from Cowards and Angels)

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One Response to “SOKOTRA SERENADE” by Aileen Muhammad

  1. Sound Verite says:

    Socotra , o Socotra may you stay protected from the modern poisons of technology.

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