Jon JOn & Aileen Muhammad at Blackbird Cafe


“What are miracles, how do they work? I’m not sure, but prayer and belief are at the center. In1966 I was born and 6 months later adopted. After 46 years one never thinks your life will change. My life has more than changed since a late August 2012 letter arrived. The confidential letter told me someone was looking for me, that someone was my birth mother Aileen Patrice Muhammad. A thousand rainbows have entered my head since we first spoke. Weeks after speaking we were reunited in Minneapolis. The stories and lessons have been enormous from the circumstances surrounding my birth, to my separation from her, as with life through struggles and triumphs Muhammad has an incredible way with words. In her new book Coward and Angles she weaves our family’s unique background into and out as fiction/reality based themes get explored. The background is filled with historical nuggets, nuggets of my grandfathers playing with John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk & Jimmy Smith, to family members working with the abolishment movement with Fredrick Douglass to Ottie B. Graham a writer/playwright/dancer during the Harlem Renaissance who was mentored by W.E.B. Dubois and the road to The Black Panthers and Nation of Islam during the late 1960’s. The family’s rich history zig-zags around the world from exotic Socotra Islands in the Indian Ocean to Nova Scotia, Canada to urban constructs of Philadelphia, Chicago & Minneapolis, Minnesota. Miracles are rediscovery and journeys of new adventure with family that was there all along, even at a distance unknown. Miracles are joys of new love, a love unforced, unquestioned, a new time of no secrets, a new era love that makes a miracle happen”. by Jon Jon Scott ( Aileen Patrice Carson Muhammad’s son)

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One Response to Miracles

  1. Irene Marie Michaud says:


    I don’t know if you remember me but I think about you often. Your words and your stories resonate with me; in particular, your words of wisdom on one of our last days together in one of our creative writing classes at Salem. I hope life finds you well.

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